Photography by Brown, Inc.

Where technical expertise meets creativity

As the story is told, Kurt, a native of Bethel, Maine was holding his first camera at the age of 5 years old. In part because his mother and father had owned and operated The Don Brown Studio in Bethel Maine in the 1950s. By the time Kurt was a teenager and with the help and guidance of his father, he had already mastered [the now] archaic form of dark room processing. By his early twenties while still in college he was hired to do his first commercial shoot for Paris Manufacturing, a well known sled manufacturer in the Western Maine area. Kurt also enjoyed teaching photography to help others learn not only the technical aspects but the art. There were other first jobs too which he mostly created from the studio in his parent's house in Bethel. Soon he outgrew this space and opened a store front studio in Norway, Maine.

Around this time he married Tammy a native of Windham, Maine who eventually joined the business and handled not only the business aspects but also the retouching, creative design and consultation along with Kurt.

As more growth came a second studio was opened in Windham and then in Westbrook. Some of Tammy's ancestors were some of the earliest settlers in Westbrook and Windham. While in Westbrook they were amongst the first Photography Studio's to switch from film and to embrace digital photography in early 2000. We were pleased to be on the cutting edge of this amazing technology and our knowledge base grew as the digital camera revolution continued to grow.

Now over 30+ years and counting we continue to enjoy photography both personally and professionally. We also have a great passion for all that Maine has to offer outdoors; its nature, wildlife and landscapes. Photographing them as often as we can. We are proud members of the
Maine Woodland Owners organization and have been for many years and our land qualified for The American Tree Farm Designation in 1999. It's a wonderful hobby one that we will enjoy for many years.

As for now, we are primarily part time offering location Business and PR location photography.

It certainly has been an adventurous career for both of us, spanning over 30+ years! We have many memories to be thankful for. From Fish Lifts to Highways, Radio Towers, Homes, Kitchen's, Trade Shows, Yachts, Family Groups, Pets, Weddings, High School Seniors, Modeling portfolios, Musicians(A shout out to Rick & Roy, and Don & Cindy), Windham Chamber Singers(Thank you Rick!), CD covers, Annual Reports, Winchester's(Thank you Ed!)Collages, Race Cars and countless other Commercial shoots. We are so blessed to have had all of these wonderful opportunities and experiences as well as the chance to meet some truly nice people. With the added plus of creating lasting memories for so many people throughout our wonderful State of Maine and beyond.